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Acrylic Painting by Aumari Torezan

Acrylic Painting by Aumari Torezan

Product Code: JF20171

Sale Price: 6300

Width: 48

Height: 48

Product Description:
Torezan is a Brazilian-born painter currently living and working in South Florida. Inspired by representations of the future produced in the Mid-20th century, Torezan developed his unique style creating hard-edged compositions, flatly painted on a variety of backgrounds. In his paintings, geometric and organic forms seem to be floating around each other evoking a sense of depth, as though the shapes were eternally suspended in space. The contrasting colors enhance the dramatic and exuberant effect, creating an overall sensation of blossoming and burgeoning life.

Dealer Information:
JF Gallery
West Palm Beach, FL, 33405
United States

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