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Large Tlingit Hand Carved and Decorated Bentwood Lidded Box, Alaska, *Free Shipping

Large Tlingit Hand Carved and Decorated Bentwood Lidded Box, Alaska, *Free Shipping

Large Tlingit Hand Carved and Decorated Bentwood Lidded Box.

Large Tlingit hand carved and decorated bentwood box with abalone shell inlays and thick lid. The box was purchased approximately 20 years ago in Ketchikan, Alaska. 'The Tlingit (also spelled Tlinkit) are an indigenous people of the Pacific Northwest Coast of North America.The Tlingit culture is multifaceted and complex, a characteristic of Northwest Pacific Coast people with access to easily exploited rich resources. In Tlingit culture a heavy emphasis is placed upon family and kinship, and on a rich tradition of oratory. Wealth and economic power are important indicators of status, but so is generosity and proper behavior, all signs of 'good breeding' and ties to aristocracy. Art and spirituality are incorporated in nearly all areas of Tlingit culture, with even everyday objects such as spoons and storage boxes decorated and imbued with spiritual power and historical beliefs of the Tlingits. {source: wikipedia}

Additional Information:
*SHIPPING/TAX: Shipping is free to the 48 contiguous states (USA). We use shipping companies that are well regarded in the antiques industry, and experienced in packing and insuring high-end goods. While we are happy to provide international shipping quotes, the final arrangements and costs are the responsibility of the buyer. There is no sales tax on this item if it is being shipped out of the state of Florida (Objects20c/Objects In The Loft will need a copy of the shipping document).

Sale Price: $15,000

Period: 20th Century

Origin: USA; cypress, abalone shell

Width / Length: 17"w

Depth / Diameter: 14"d

Height: 15.25"h

Condition: Very good, crack to wood lid present at time of purchase. Minor flaws and light surface imperfections exist even in 'very good' or 'restored' items due to age and patina. Please do not expect 'like new' condition.

Dealer Reference: LU90251177266

Dealer Information:
Objects 20c
West Palm Beach, FL, 33405
United States
Phone: 561-659-0403

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