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Thank you for visiting On Antique Row. Below is a quick explanation of our site and how to use it.

On Antique Row is a collection of Antique Dealers and Retailers located on Historic Antique Row in West Palm Beach, Florida. The site is designed to showcase a range of items from our member dealers. If you find something you like, you can contact any dealer directly via three methods: either through phone or email listed at the very bottom of each item's page, or through the Contact Dealer button just below each item’s main image. If you have questions about a specific item, the Contact Dealer button can be efficient, as it will send an email with the image and description of the item you’re inquiring about. If, however, you prefer to contact the dealer quickly, a phone call would be best.


At the top of every page, you will see the Menu bar, which begins with a House icon and runs from left to right starting with "Shop" and ending with "Contact." All of these links will take you to a different page on the site. The main link is Shop, which will produce a drop down menu so that you can navigate all items on the site by category. All items on the site are categorized. If you have a specific item you are looking for, you can also use the Product Search box in the upper right hand corner. Here you can search for something such as "Leather Chairs." Keep in mind that this Search function will only return actual text that exists on the site. So if the words "Leather" or "Chairs" have not been provided by the dealers in their description of an item, this search will not return any results. Consider this a good, but not exhaustive, means of finding items. You can also view all new items to the site under our New Arrivals page. These are items that have been posted to the website in the last 2-3 weeks. All items under New Arrivals are also found in main categories and search area.


In addition to shopping by category or search, you can view a particular dealer’s inventory by visiting the "Dealers" tab. This will take you to the Dealer directory page, where you can then navigate to that Dealer’s Storefront. A Storefront is like a mini-website for each Dealer. It displays all the stock they have listed on the site at any one time. You can also reach this Storefront from within any individual item through the Button "Dealer’s Storefront."


The retail price of any item can be found on that item’s page. We do require that you log-in to see prices. You can also contact any dealer directly to discuss pricing through the contact methods mentioned above. If you attempt to contact a dealer about any item and you do not hear back from them, please feel free to contact us directly through the Contact page to let us know. We do not facilitate negotiations or transactions between Clients and Dealers, but we can help with communication.


In general, each Dealer will be able to help you negotiate the purchase, packing and shipping (if necessary) of your items. In the near future, we will be offering packing and shipping options for your convenience, as pricing can vary.

Important Note: Antique Row, LLC is not responsible in any way for business conducted between client and dealer, shipper or carrier and cannot become involved in any disputes. Transactions are between client and dealer only.

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