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Pair of Palace-Sized Specimen Shell Chandeliers

Pair of Palace-Sized Specimen Shell Chandeliers

This pair of stunning chandeliers are about 5 feet high, and are loaded with specimen shells. This pair took experienced artisans 6 months to make, and, of course, they had to be made at the same time. The pair is magnificent. Well-known designer

This pair of chandeliers is the culmination of 15 years of work and experience. The design is balanced, formal, and the colors are spectacular. Extremely costly and rare Golden Cowries had to be put all around the bottom just to keep the delicate balance of color perfect. Everything on this pair of chandeliers is specimen and unique. There will never be another pair quite like them.

Additional Information:
We make museum-strength and engineered crates. We prepare our goods for shipping around the world. We can deliver and install locally (from Miami to Ver Beach)

Sale Price: $60,000

Period: new

Origin: USA

Depth / Diameter: 48'

Height: 54

Weight: 200 pounds each

Number of Items Offered: One Pair

Condition: new

Dealer Reference: CHR00031

Dealer Information:
Christa's South Antiques & Seashells
3602 South Dixie Highway
West Palm Beach, Florida, 33405

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